Surface propulsion TS 80

Top System Surface Drive TS 80, is a nautical propulsion system produced by the Top System with a max applicable torque of 11000 NM with surface propeller.

Top System Ts 40 - Surface Drive

Top System Ts 80 – Surface Drive

Standard Equipement:

  • n ° 1 drive;
  • n ° 1 directional fins;
  • Fixing flanges;
  • Hydraulic trim and wheelhouse cylinder kits;
  • Headphone kit for trim cylinders and wheelhouse;
  • Headphone kits for drives;
  • Indicator cables;
  • Coupling bar; S
  • tainless steel hardware kit;
  • Hardware kit for fixing in the engine room;
  • Drive oil tank;
  • Electrohydraulic control unit trim.


Top System Ts 80 - Surface Drive

Top System Ts 80 – Surface Drive

Technical data Ts 80:

Surface Drive TS 80


A175 mm
B1645 mm
C830 mm
D795 mm
EØ 350 mm
FØ 196 mm
GZ 33


The maximum applicable power refers to one (1) motor only. The reduction ratios are indicative.

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