Propulsion Systems Surface Drive Top System

ModelHp max
@propeller RPM
Hp max
@propeller RPM
(Kg drive only)
Trim angle
max torque input [Nm]
Heavy duty
max torque input [Nm]
Surface Drive TS 40350@2100420@25006020°14001100
Surface Drive TS 45480@2000380@14007520°20001600
Surface Drive TS 55650@1800500@140011020°26002000
Surface Drive TS 65980@1500770@130018020°43003500
Surface Drive TS 751300@13001150@115024020°73005500
Surface Drive TS 75S1400@13001250@115025020°90007000
Surface Drive TS 851600@13001450@115035020°120009600
Surface Drive TS 952150@12251800@98050020°1400011000
Surface Drive TS 95S2700@10702400@90055020°2000014000
Surface Drive TS 1052650@8902450@81575020°2200019000
Surface Drive TS 1203200@8902900@815110020°3000024000
Surface Drive TS 1504700@8404300@760110020°4150033000

* DATA reported, they can immediately changes a the manufacturer’s discretion and without notice

Standard Kit:

  • n°2 drives;
  • n°2 directional fins;
  • Fixing Flange;
  • Hydraulic cylinders kit trim and steering gear;
  • Sleeves Kit for cylinders trim and steering gear;
  • Sleeves Kit for drives;
  • Indicating wires;
  • Torque bar;
  • Bolts Kit in stainless steel;
  • Bolts Kit for fixing in engine room;
  • Oil Tank Drive;
  • Electro-hydraulic unit control trim.


The highest applicable power is referred to only one engine. The reduction ratio is approximate.

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