Top System Surface Drive TS 45

Top System TS 45Top System Surface Drive TS 45, propulsion system with max applicable torque of 1650 NM with surface propeller.

Standard Kit Surface Drive TS 45:

  • n°2 drives;
  • n°2 directional fins;
  • Fixing Flange;
  • Hydraulic cylinders kit trim and steering gear;
  • Sleeves Kit for cylinders trim and steering gear;
  • Sleeves Kit for drives;
  • Indicating wires;
  • Torque bar;
  • Bolts Kit in stainless steel;
  • Bolts Kit for fixing in engine room;
  • Oil Tank Drive;
  • Electro-hydraulic unit control trim

Technical Data:

Surface Drive Top System TS 45


The versions from TS 45 to TS 75 are available also in TT version (only trimmable).
The maximum applicable power is referred to only one engine. The reduction ratio is approximate.

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